1st Bike Ride ~ 1st Fall

Lovely day for a bike ride, after all that’s what we bought the bikes for. I can remember being in Swansea the day we purchased them and envisaging (if that’s a word) cycling in Spain.

Got on mine this morning, thought I’d just make sure I was ok before going out on road (cos I’m not that confident yet), and promptly fell off (gracefully done in slow-mo).

Nothing broken, a few scratches on the bike, a few more bruises on me, and on my pride.

Taking a breather

We cycled along the Via Verde, which is an old converted railway track through cuttings and tunnels to Oropesa, where we had coffee and boccadillos.

On the Via Verde
Spot of lunch in Oropesa
Not quite as blue as last year

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  1. Craig Welsh says:

    A whole baguette each & a plate of chips ? you’ll have a lot to work off in Lleithyr Meadow !

  2. sharon says:

    Ha ha eagle eye…. now here we were thinking no-one would notice….

  3. Anne Hardy says:

    Good idea moving on from your last place and putting the theft behind you. You both have so much to look forward to that it would be a shame if that b……d spoils it ! You are such a positive person Sharon that I don’t think you will let him do that!
    So, the bicycles are out ! Sorry to hear about the little fall but pleased you are ok.
    Enjoying all your posts and photographs: sorry if I haven’t left comments for them all.
    I too noticed the baguette and chips and presume you are just keeping in training for the Bishops in March!! You enjoy it all!
    Keep making those memories and having fun!

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