Empty Pockets

It’s been one heck of an expensive week for us. Firstly, over the bank holiday weekend there was a power cut which spiked the ice cream freezer, this wasn’t picked up until next day, by which time of course all we had left was one huge puddle…. couldn’t save any of it.  So that was  £200 lost, plus the freezer was defunct, it would never freeze again.  So what would we do? If we decided not to buy another freezer then we would lose all our customers?

Then, whilst going for the bread and papers early one morning,  I saw one of the local fireman put an electric bike outside the fire station for sale. I stopped and enquired how much? I paid £150 for it and bless them they charged it up for new and brought it up to site for me.

Finally, on Tuesday after finishing work, I came into the awning, quite literally falling over the entrance, and flat on my face… I’d tried to hold onto the awning door flap and it just ripped right out of my hands at the seams. We did try a temporary sewing repair but any strong winds would have shredded the annexe and possibly taken the main awning.

I rang the suppliers and they have found us a replacement. This arrived next day delivery, so after having a team building session with Janet and Pete we are back to square one again.

The new annexe (on a wet blustery day)



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