A Blue Gorilla with Ice-Cream and Brixham…


Tuesday, and we’ve been away for over 2 weeks in Vera, we are nearing the end of our holiday in Devon and Cornwall. We worked at Hillhead Caravan Club Site in 2012 our first year as assistants, and wanted to re-visit Brixham to see if much had changed.


We caught the bus into the town and wandered around. The forecast was not good, with promises of heavy rain all day, but so far all was fine, there was even a hint of watery sun.


Golden Hind with modern day Pirate


We saw the Golden Hind (replica of course) moored at the top of the harbour, unfortunately it was closed but I did manage to walk the gang plank.

The Brixham Fish Market is one of the biggest in the UK, and they even have tours once a month, you arrive for 6am (that’s me out…) and get the chance to see behind the scenes and the hustle and bustle of the the market, it then culminates in a delicious fish breakfast at Rockfish. We are going to cut out the 6am bit and have booked lunch at Rockfish tomorrow, far more civilised… ha ha

We walked out along the harbour wall to the lighthouse where we were reliably informed that there was a seal playing out there, of course when we got there the seal had gone. Typical… but the walk was lovely even though Mike’s toes had turned black with frost bite (apparently) and I nicked his bluff to cover my ears so they wouldn’t freeze… We called in at the Old Market House on the quayside and had a lovely cup of coffee complete with amaretti biscuits. mmmmmmm……


Coffee to warm hands and hearts


We’ve booked to go out to the Poop Deck Restaurant tonight, watch this space as this is the one I’ve been waiting for. Last time we went here we had lobster and scallops and lots of other delicious seafood. Hope it lives up to our recollection tonight.



I guess you’re wondering what a Blue Gorilla with Ice-Cream (in the title) relates to??? Well we saw this beast on the way out to the harbour wall, don’t know why it was there or what it related to, but thought it would be a good picture.







Railway Poster of Brixham



Mike manipulated a photo of Brixham Harbour



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