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I made a Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese in the Ramoska the other evening for supper, it was delicious, so I thought I’d share with you how this fantastic piece of equipment does the job.

A Remoska is basically  a mini electric oven with the cooking element housed in the lid (It looks like a casserole pot with lid). Consisting of a Teflon lined pan and a stand and a lid mounted heating element. It originated in Czechoslovakia. The Remoska has no temperature control and it cooks in a similar manner to an oven and is stated (and we can believe it) to be very economical with electrical energy (470 watts for the Standard Remoska). Although it has no temperature control the Remoska cooks evenly and quickly. We have had no issues with it and will definitely use it at home also. I like it a lot, definitely not cheap but worth the money. You can only buy from Lakeland in the UK (or online at Amazon again through Lakeland), however we have noticed there are cheaper imports if you want to buy through Czechoslovakia.

Lakeland – Remoska

Anyway back to food, we bought this enormous cauliflower from the market and it has accompanied Sunday lunch for 8 people and this Cauli Mac & Cheese which was for 2 (but could easily have fed 4 but we got greedy) ..

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

I was introduced to the Remoska at St David’s by my friend who swears by it to cook her jacket potatoes, yep…. they are absolutely wonderful, the best jacket pots ever. But this Remoska does so much more… I have cooked in it most evenings if we are not BBQing. I even managed to cook a roast joint of pork (which I thought was Iberico Pork but it turned out not to be, but tasted delicious nevertheless) and a chicken enough to fed eight, yes you read correctly 8 people for Sunday lunch al fresco.

Sunday lunch Al Fresco

If you haven’t got one, may I suggest that you look into getting one, it should be made law that every household should be given one, IMHO… what did I do all these years without one? 😂

Proof of the pudding…

Tapas Tuesday.. the temperature rose to an incredible 33°c during another Al Fresco  lunch with the same 8 neighbours… I like this way of life, so enjoyable…. and delicious. This time it was the others that made the food, and we had a wonderful array of tapas and racciones (difference is a tapas is a single plate for one person and racciones is a plate for sharing).

Tapas Tuesday in the heat

The plates just kept arriving all afternoon, we had all manner of deliciousness, tostados with lots of different toppings, Sorrano ham and cheese (can’t remember what it is called but it sure looked pretty), chorizo pigs in blankets, peppers, the ubiquitous bread that arrives with every meal, cheesy garlic bread,  pink onions, artichokes and much much more. It was a wonderful afternoon, so thank you to all for making it so memorable.

Cheese flower…

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  1. Sarah Griffin says:

    So pleased the Remoska is a success!
    You’ll have to compare notes with Fave next year
    Great articles yet again
    Lots of love
    Sarah x

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