A Couple of Days R&R at Home


Came home this week, first time since leaving site in March. It’s so lovely to come back, the house welcome and cosy.  We have arranged to meet Chris, Laura and the boys before going back to site. We are collecting Harry and Jack from school later and going over to their house to have fun in the garden playing footie (I suspect) and having supper.

We have spent his morning in the garden trying to tidy it up a little. Amazingly, it has done remarkably well considering it has been left to its own devices and not watered or cared for. We believe we are about two weeks to late to see the honeysuckle and clematis and two weeks too early for the cherries to be ready for eating.

The grass is completely covered in clover so we are going to have to rethink the ground cover over the winter, perhaps we could put shingle and paving down to give us an easy care garden. I think I will go to the garden centre back in Pembrokeshire for some inspiration.

I have taken some photos of the garden after pruning.

Passion Flower

Mike’s Cherry Trees
Salvia – hot lips


It’s been lovely coming home, I do miss being here, but still love the life we have.

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  1. Pam says:

    Lovely pretty garden. It’s always nice to go home but it’s nice to have you back! Looking forward to seeing you Mon night or before – love to you both xxxx

  2. Anne Hardy says:

    Very nice plants Mr. and Mrs. T. Your garden does look amazing when you think how long you have been away! Sure you will have enjoyed tending to it during your short stay at home. Hope you can sample some of the cherries before you leave. xx

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