A Cute Hexagon Needle Case Tutorial


Hi everyone,

I needed a needlecase to take with me to site next week so that I can do some embroidery over the season. I always like to have some sort of project each year and this year I wanted to try and become proficient in Hardanger which is a form of Norwegian Embroidery with cut threads. I also have another ‘Tale in a Garden’ cross-stitch to do, and I really would like to finish a Bothy cross-stitch called ‘cut-thru caravan’. This last one I have had a couple of years now and just can’t seem to get enthusiastic about it. So hopefully this year I will be able to finish it.

Anyway back to the needlecase… I have made quite a few of these over the years and they are great little presents to give if you have an hour to spend and some odd pieces of material. I thought I would do a little tutorial, but this is a first for me, so please bear with me if I put too many words in here.  You can find loads of tuts for this needlecase on the net and most of them are really great. I have made this one by hand but there is nothing to stop you doing the hand stitching by machine, I did it all by hand because I have packed away the sewing machine.

Okay here we go…..

  • You need some oddments of cute cotton material and some matching felt. (less than a fat quarter). Cut 2 paper hexagons, mine measured 1.5″ along the flat side. Trace the hexagon onto the material and allow a 1/4″ extra, cut out the shape as below.
  • Cut 2 hexagon pieces from your felt to the exact size as below

  • With the paper hexagon template pinned to the material fold over the edges and baste.
  • Iron your hexagon flat and remove the paper

  • Place the felt on the wrong side of your prepared hexagon and sew around (I did this by hand but you can do this by machine just ensure you catch all the raw edges. Make two.

  • Now trace your hexagon again on some more felt. Spacing them about 1.25″ apart. Leave a tab in the centre. This is for the loop where the ring will go.
  • Wiggle the ring over the one of the felt hexagons so it sits in the tab between the hexi’s.  Do this before you stitch it all together!

  • Layer a hexagon printed side down, then the folded felt center, then the other hexagon right side up.
  • Sew close across the top edge and make sure you catch all 4 layers.

  • Add needles and voila .. how cute and sweet is this….!


hope you enjoy and make one or two or three….. !!!

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