A Happy Morning…


It’s funny how little things in life are really magical; I woke up this morning really early, so excited I couldn’t keep still, after fidgeting for about an hour I decided to leave Mr T in bed asleep and go downstairs. It was 4.30am …. What!!!! I hear you cry, but I just couldn’t stay still for a moment longer.

I made a cup of tea and opened the French doors. The sun was just creeping over the fence and as I sat on the patio listening to the frogs in next doors pond croaking and chirping, and the early birds singing, the garden doesn’t look too bad (although I don’t think Monty Don would agree) considering that it is left entirely to it’s own devices. The border shrubs and flowers have tumbled out over the laughingly called lawn, I am not sure what you call a moss covered bit of ground….

The borders tumbling over the ‘lawn’

I decided today is a great day. I sat and crochet’d a few more colours, but found I couldn’t keep still. Today is the day we’ve been waiting patiently for since February. The start of the adventures for 2018. Yes, today we collect the new Motorhome, Vera II… not sure what her name will be, I fancy Tuppence, but Mr T thinks it cheapens her. My reasoning was that we started with a Pennine Folding Camper, who we called Penny, and because the new Motorhome was much more expensive, I thought Tuppence was a great name. Oh well, we shall see, what she looks and feels like when we get her.

Lots to do this morning, so better take Mr T a cuppa and start this ball rolling today. Will catch up with everyone and introduce Tuppence or whatever her name will be later.

Have a great day.  Cheerio…..


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  1. A nne Hardy says:

    Your garden looks great! An exciting day for you both even if a bit sad saying goodbye to Vera 1. Must admit, I agree with Mike…. not sure about the name Tuppence for the new wheels. Sorry! Whatever you decide upon I’m sure you will have thousands of happy miles in her! XX

  2. David and Sarah says:

    How exciting! I’m not surprised you were up so early!
    We are really looking forward to meeting ‘Tuppence’ and reading about your adventures in her.
    We are loving your articles and looking at the great photos – keep ’em coming!

  3. Dave and Sarah says:

    How exciting! We hope you are very pleased with the new van and we are looking forward to meeting her soon!
    Thank you so much for your posts. We look forward to reading them and we love the photos.
    The blanket looks great!
    Lots of love
    Dave and Sarah

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