All Aboard….

Well we finally made it on board after 5 hrs delay. We are on the Cap Finestra (Brittany Ferries). We had arrived at the ferry port early and there were probably about 4 vehicles in front of us so pretty much at the front of the queue.

We’re on our way…

We settled down and made a cup of tea, feeling smug watching those poor souls in cars stacking up behind us. Oh, the luxury of stretching out and putting the lights on etc etc… We even managed to heat up some mince pies using an ingenious method (though I say so myself). I turned the lid of the kettle once we’d made a cup of tea and let them gently warm through.

Ingenious way of heating up mince pies

But oh… how that smugness was thrown back at us.. bearing mind we were about 4th in line, we watched as they loaded lane after lane of vehicles. When would we get on? would there be enough room? Are we ever going to move????? Arghhh… the waiting….

Finally, we’re loaded on the ferry

The ship was due to leave at 10pm (did I mention the 5 hr delay!! 🤔). We finally started to move about 9.45pm… no sooner were we on board then the ship started to leave dock. Phew that was close.

We found our cabin and the went down to the 7th deck where the restaurants are located. As it was after 10pm we decided it was too late to eat a meal so ended up having a bottle of wine, some sandwiches and a packet of crisps. Oh well not quite the gourmet meal we wanted but hey ho… tomorrow’s another day.

A bijou snackette before bedtime

We retired to bed and fell asleep to the gentle rolling of the ship, dreaming of hot sultry days and the adventures to come.

About 4am we were both awake, not to the gentle motion of the ship, but to violent rolling as the ship hit the troughs in the waves, it shuddered and creaked then rose up on the next wave. We both rocked in our bunks, up and down, back and forth…. were we going to hear the 4 short beeps on the tannoy telling us there was problem? Don’t think about feeling sick… just don’t think about…. too late… 🤢 Why did we have a drink? I’m never eating again….

The rocking and rolling lasted a couple of hours, then finally we went back to sleep. When we awoke at 9am it was to a much calmer sea. Life had regained balance and we were hungry again. We had a quick shower in a can and headed for the public areas.  After a acceptable petit dejeuner of croissants and pan au choc (although not up to Arkwrights standards), we settled down ready to chill for the day.

The Planet Bar
Watching the stern
The Restaurant du Port
And again

The day passed calmly and peacefully, we explored the decks, listened to the jazz singer, was entertained by the pianist in the Planet bar, played cards and read books until 6.30pm when we went for a surprisingly superb dinner in the restaurant. For starters, Mike had asparagus soup with Serrano ham, and I had crab & prawn linguine.  For a main course, we both settled on the beef (technically steak) and was probably the best steak I’ve had in many a year. So tender it melted in your mouth. We couldn’t stop there, oh no… let’s really pig out, they’ve got profiteroles, they won’t be big portions so we’ll have one each…. bang goes the diet…

Gourmet meal
Mike enjoying his tasty steak
The diet has been well and truly blown
So we might as well have a coffee and a sugary sizzle stick..

After that great meal it was time to get ready to vacate the cabin and disembark. We found our way out of Santander and on the way to our first overnight stop in Spain.

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  1. dave and sarah griffin says:

    Mickeys a brave little soldier piggin that great feast after the earlier traumas! smug or what! have a great adventure you two, you have earned it! xx

  2. sharon says:

    Thanks Sarah. We will, keep

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