Are we in Toy Story 5?

Entering Oropesa

Another hot sunny day, so we got ready and took the bikes along the Via Verde towards Oropesa, but this time we would venture a little further around to the next town/resort/village, Marina D’or, we had no idea what awaited us just around the headland.

It’s decadent beyond belief, like wandering into a Pixar or Toy Story film set. The whole place from the entrance at the pedestrian-only bridge to the high street is a feast for the eyes, it’s obviously a holiday village catering for the family, but out of season in December when there are no tourists it’s surreal, crazy and bizarre.

Entrance to Marina D’or

Everywhere there are references to Gaudi, which suits me fine as you all know, with benches made in natural curves and finished with his signature mosaics. Pools of water reflect the tall palm trees and the mosaics.

Promenade with Gaudi references in the Benches
Mike on Saudi

The streets are decorated with permanent illuminations that could compete with Blackpool. Apparently in the summer at 8pm each evening there is a parade with floats, mascots and fireworks, but in the winter this is reduced to once a week on a Saturday evening. It is unfortunate we are unable to see this spectacle but the logistics of getting there in the dark and back again on a bike is less than appealing.

Permanent Illuminations

We got to the end of the seafront road and turned naturally up the main street, where I spied through some bushes, a garden, again with Gaudi structures. We wandered a little further and found that these are actually free to enter. So we secured the bikes and entered the magical garden.

I’ll let the photos tell the story

Incredible brightly coloured fantastical shaped statues adorn the park and these are interspersed with pools, streams and walkways. There are hundreds of different species of birds to see wandering around, from Mallard ducks to Peacocks (there was even a pure white peacock strutting his stuff) to Swans and Parakeets.

White Peacock

Each area is divided into various vegetation ie. The rain forest and it’s plants and trees, the desert with the cactus and drought loving plants, to indigenous plants and shrubs of Andalusia and Spain, such as the almond tree, the olive and the orange groves.

The different flora & fauna of various climates
Cactus of the Desert

Desert plants

We spent a good 2 hours wandering around discovering more and more hidden places within the garden, and all with the sea and beach as it’s backdrop.

Gaudiesque type benches
Fantastical sculptures – Picaso-ish
Fantastic Beasts
A glimpse in the park
Traditional statues interspersed
The Spanish love the Don..

The walkways
Flower Power
Mosaic Archways
Mike & his Tiger Chair
Panda Seat
Love The Gaudi
Sealed seat of approval

No dogs are allowed supposedly but we saw many people with dogs so not sure how rigid the rule is. You can feed the birds but only with the .50 cents to put in the seed machine.

We retrieved the bikes and decided to head back to camp but waiting further down the main street, we spotted the famous mascots, doing… well not quite what mascots should be doing.. but then I suppose if they didn’t would there be any baby mascots in later years… lol 🤣.

Ahhh… Nice
Ooops….Naughty …..

This street is like walking through Disneyland, all the shops and buildings are made to look like cartoon houses, it’s jolly and fun and who wouldn’t want to work in a place like these?

How about working here?
I wanna live in one…
Or this?

As we made our way back along the seafront with the Gaudi benches we noticed this unofficial aire, what a spot to choose. Must put it in the memory banks for later.

Fancy waking up to this view for nothing..

I’m not going to apologise for the top heavy photos as I felt they all needed a place in today’s blog. Hope you agree.

A great day out, nearly 20 miles cycled and at least 500 photos taken. We shall go back cos there was a lot more to see but we just ran out of time and wow-ments… 😲

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  1. Sarah Griffin says:

    Fantastic photos – what an amazing place!
    Sarah x

  2. sharon says:

    Thanks Sarah, yes wasn’t it amazing. You can imagine our surprise when we found the village. Xxx

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