Back at St Davids

We arrived back on site and were warmly welcomed by those who knew we were going to pick up the car. It was quite amazing… reminded me of times when I bought a new (second hand) car when my parents and grandparents were alive… they always wanted to be shown around the new car and go for a ride in it. So I was touched by their enthusiasm and their excitement, I wondered whether kids of today get the same feelings.

We sorted out Vera and went over to see Anne and David where we celebrated by opening the bottle of Tanqueray No 10 Gin and the 1st official meeting of the SFOC, they had put on a lovely spread so we didn’t have to worry about cooking when we got back. Thank you both for a great evening.

It’s funny when we come back here after being away, it actually feels as though we’ve been on holiday,  and now it’s time to settle back down again in the routine.

Time tonight to plan where we go next, we are thinking that we may go to Freshwater East, as we would like to go to the Stackpole Estate again, but to see the Green Bridge which looks amazing and somewhere we’ve not been yet.

Well, time for work, the toilet blocks are calling me… Bye for now…

The Green Bridge of Wales courtesy of


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