Beach Bull

We are settling in here at Vilanova about an hour outside Barcelona. The park is large and the facilities including open air swimming pools are still open and look inviting. People who we have spoken to appear to be long termers.

A bit of a tight fit…
Vilanova’s Restaurant


Pool area
Pool at night
Dancing lights
Different colours
Our pitch is partly sheltered but we do have sun all day as it is South facing so is very nice.
Flowers sitting colourful

We are getting used to getting up in the morning and after the showers we walk to the supermarcat and pick up fresh baguette or croissants, come back and make a pot of coffee and eat al fresco.

We dined out at the on-site restaurant on the first night here.  I ordered steak but I think I got the insole of a shoe… Mike ordered the veal escalop and I think he got the heel…. 😣 we ended up €30 lighter and came back to the van still peckish….  So we have decided that we cook and eat in the van unless we eat off site. Never mind.

Ready for a feast…
Maybe not quite the feast we had in mind…

Heavy rain during the night and when we woke this morning the sky was still overcast, threatening to rain again. The temperature however was warm enough to sit outside in T-shirts and shorts. We had been given some tickets for the local bus into the town of Vilanova i la Geltrú. We caught the bus at the entrance to the site and alighted (get me), and the train station.


We made our way to the marina which has some enormous yachts moored there. This one is reputed to be owned by Kimi Raikkonen, F1 driver.. cannot imagine the cost of this one. We knocked but he wasn’t in at the time otherwise I’m sure he would have invited us in for a Sangria 😁

Reputed to be Kimi Raikkonen’s yacht

We strolled along the promenade, under the palm trees with the parrots  and arrive at the statue of Pasifae at the southern end. The statue by renowned sculptor Òscar Estruga was created from three tons of copper and is a visual representation of the intriguing story of Pasiphaë. In Greek mythology she was the daughter of Helios and the wife of King Minos of Crete. Poseidon sent Minos a bull as a gift to be sacrificed but he refused, and Poseidon cursed his wife, forcing her to fall in love with the bull. The story gets quite graphic as she had a wooden cow built which she could hide inside and mate with the bull! The resulting offspring was the Minotaur. I am saying no more on the subject but the bulls backside shot was most graphic….

Fisherman got there first… grrr
Not the nicest sculptures I’ve ever seen
Doesn’t do it for me
Close up

We walked back along the passed and watched the cheeky parakeets (not parrots as I have now found out) flit from palm tree to palm tree. They fly so fast it’s hard go see where they come from. The houses are all different here with striking architectural features.

One of the houses along the promenade

The Catalans love their Monuments and statues and fiercely political. We noticed more here than in Roses, perhaps because it us nearer to Barcelona. Flags are being hung out of most balconies, the Catalan and ‘si’ flags are neighbours off the Spanish and ‘non’ flags, it must be a difficult time to be neighbours here.

We do notice that graffiti is prevalent over here, every surface seems to be covered with it. I’m not a fan I must admit.

Graffiti artist at work…

We walked back through the heart of the town but it was gone 2pm and as we now know everyone closes until 5pm. So we walked thoughts deserted streets and closed shops back to the bus station.

Watching the waves

Tomorrow we start early… We go to Barcelona…..





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  1. Anne says:

    I get the feeling you two are definitely having a good time!! Love the sound of your breakfasts, but not your dinner at the restaurant!! You must have been disappointed. Enjoying all the pictures which help bring your trip to life for us. Not sure about that Minotaur either QB! xx

  2. sharon says:

    I quite agree Anne, the Pasifae story is gruesome. I really didn’t like the sculpture either but it looked so out if place that it was somehow extraordinary.

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