The shimmering Mediterranean

Today we went to the Benicassim beach front and had a wonderful relaxing time just strolling along the empty promenade. The sun was high in the sky with just a few wisps of clouds. As we wandered along the front, we noticed plaques here and there, back in the 1920s & 30s, Beniscassim was the setting for the holiday jet set such as Virginia Woolfe & Ernest Hemingway and the like.

The beach front villas

They bought or rented these beautiful beach front villas. The international jet set and hell raisers would come down and have magnificent parties.  Today, these wonderful properties are still lived in, by a more sedate group of people… some are now restaurants and some are in need of some TLC. But they all still retain that air of grace and beauty they once had.

Peeping through to the Rich & Famous
Bottoms up…

On through the town’s seafront until we reached Castello. There seems to be 2 parts to the area, Benicassim & Castello; a bit like Brighton & Hove. Costello is all high rise blocks, tall apartment buildings and hotels whereas Benicassim is the quieter gentler end. It may well not be in the summer months but that is how it feels to us. No high rise blocks are allowed on the promenade by the villas by law. It feels easy, safe and cosmopolitan.

Looking up to a high rise block

Men are fishing from the beach and chatting away to each other running back and forth every now and again to check rods. They duck each time a wave crashes over the rocks and we watch their silhouettes jumping about like dancers.

Fishermen on the beach
Waves crashing on the shore

In Castello, the beach front houses are new with modern architecture and boat houses. There is a sailing school here too, some board says it is the oldest or something (I couldn’t translate the Spanish) in Catalonia. No one was about, the sails were down but it made for a reasonable photo.

Beach front house
Looking up to a balcony
The sailing club
Beautiful roof tiles

We went passed a life guard station and thought it had a brilliant exterior. You couldn’t mistake it for anything else. Then pass some colourful beach huts.

Life guard Station
Beach huts add a splash of colour

The walk was around 6 miles in total, there and back. Not many places were open, but that could also have been due to siesta time here in Spain (still closes either 1.30 or 2pm until 5pm). But we had a lovely relaxing day.

I’ve had enough walking today..
Empty promenades
Palm trees
Mike on the prom…

We found a Lidl’s which of course we had to go in. Seemed to be set out the same, with a lot of products we would buy at home. But nothing for us this time. So we wandered back through the streets to the campsite and went to the Mercadona which is just outside the campsite. We bought some huge prawns, 1kg fresh prawns for €6.40,  a squid €1.24 and ingredients to make a Seafood Paella, however when we got back we realised we had left the squid on the counter d’oh…

So I made prawn risotto instead, very nice and there are enough prawns left for another meal tomorrow yummy scrumptious.

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