Corfe Castle

We took Vera for a day out in another car park today. She managed to find a nice spot in the sun while we took the steam train from Norden into Corfe Village. We were lucky it was the steam train and not the diesel. So after spending time on the platform taking the usual quota of photographs, we caught the train for the 3 minute ride to Corfe Village.


Steam Train to Corfe
Mike in his element


We are members of the National Trust so got into the Castle FOC. Yippee! It was wonderful wandering about the ruins and amaze at the ingenuity of those who built this monumental castle.


Mike in Trouble Again !!!


Once we had filled our brains with enough history we walked back through the castle grounds and into the village which still has all the character of an quintessential English village.


Corfe Castle in Relief
Strong Man
Put Your Back Into It, Mike
Corfe Castle



Corfe Village


We caught the train back to Norden and back to site.

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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    No one can ever say that you both didn’t have fun! More great pics from you both. I like the one of Mike in the stocks! I think that right next to the Info Room at L.M. would be a great place for some stocks……to keep the naughty people in !! Or, as punishment for those who don’t spend enough in Arkwrights!! Keep having fun, you will soon be home! xxx

  2. Ha ha !!! I think one would need to go down by 115 just in case Mr P is naughty!

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