Dorset for a Couple of Days

Our penultimate stop is Wareham in Dorset. We are staying at Hunters Moon Caravan Club Site. The weather is still kind and the trees have put on a fantastic show this autumn so we are planning to go to Sheffield Park (one of our favourite places for autumn colour) once we get to Brighton, and hopefully we are not too late for the spectacle. However back to the next couple of days.

We have decided to visit Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove. But we had forgotten (conveniently..) how steep the walk is to get to it.


We’re Going Up There…

We haven’t quite worked out how far it is but let me tell you that it is a great cardiac workout.

Continuing on with the film locations, we do know that they filmed some scenes of Nanny McPhee (The Big Bang) here. It is an amazing sight as you see the power of the  aquamarine sea battering the Portland Stone and this is what shapes this part of the Jurassic Coastline.

We walked down the new set of steps down to the beach, the old steps (which I remembered as being quite scary and steep) have collapsed and fallen onto the beach. In fact from memory a lot of the cliffs here have collapsed.


Durdle Door from the Beach
Mike on the Cliff above the beach
Showing the new steps down to the beach

We wandered about and then climbed back upwards to the platform to see the Man ‘O War Beach the other side of Durdle Door.


Man ‘O War Beach

The following day we came back to the area and walked over the cliffs but we were unable to visit the Fossil Forest which is the opposite side of Lulworth Cove this was due to another recent landslide. It was a shame as we were looking forward to seeing it again and perhaps collecting some wild samphire which is rampant around this area of cliffs.

We decided to stick with Lulworth Cove the next day and spent a nice couple of hours wandering around the cove and the Stair Hole. This is a set of rocks where the rocks have squidged together and concertinaed together.

We were unable to visit Tyneham Village either as the red flags were flying indicating that the army was using the MOD land for shooting. We laughed on the way back when we saw signs that stated ‘Warning – Sudden  Gunfire!!’  Help!!!!

We saw this sign in Lulworth Cove for a bite to eat… but unfortunately luck wasn’t with us that day and it was closed….








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