Fields of Poppies


We are on our epic round trip this week. First whistle stop is from site at St David’s to Brighton for an overnight stop as we have a hospital appointment to keep.

We arrived at 6.30pm Monday evening, and there was no stopping as we pitched Vera, locked her and quickly walked down to the seafront to catch a bus out to Peacehaven to see our Grandson Max.

He didn’t know we were coming but we texted him 5 mins before arriving and told him we missed him and what was he doing… 😋

We rang the doorbell and his mum shouted to him to answer it (she was in on the jolly jape)

He was so surprised to see us and pleased. He hugged us both and stayed by our side. It was wonderful to see him after a few long months.

Overnight at Brighton Site then back in the van to travel to Haywards Heath for appointment. That done, we got back in the van for the mammoth drive around the car park, otherwise known as the M25, then onto the M1 back up to Leicester for an overnight whistle stop at home.

As we came out of Brighton we saw this amazing and delightful field of Poppies.

Field of Poppies on the Sussex Downs

Wild iris (Flags)

A little friend came to visit our pitch

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  1. Pam says:

    Stunning photos as always – glad you have arrived home safely and glad the little friend we sent found you!!!

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