First Few Days on Site


Yippee … we survived last year with the old Kubota and John Deere but they both kept breaking down during the season and we urgently needed a replacement. Well.. here it is, and Mike is a really happy boy. I think that the new G23 will be polished regularly but will be put to work as soon as possible. The ground is really soft here, so we are guessing that it has been extremely wet here over the winter. Last year when we came back it was soft but nothing like it is this year. We have made the decision to close a section of the site for the start of the season as it is totally waterlogged. Hopefully the days will be dryer and the ground will recover and be ready for the members.

We have now got the van in the compound and have moved out of Vera and begun sleeping in it, we put the awning up, after moving a ton of slabs, the carpets are down and the table, chairs and the leather seats are in situ ready for the warmer evenings.

The new assistants have arrived and are very nice and keen. They have 2 lovely dogs called Ty and Tilly, Ty is a black Labrador and Tilly is a long haired terrier. Ty is like any other Labrador and so long as you smile and call his name he’ll follow you anywhere. Love him already….

We decided to have Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday off as we are going to work all week and get the site ready for opening on Friday. We’ll start the rota next Sunday.

When we woke this morning (Sunday), it was raining, in fact it had rained for the past 48 hours non stop, ugh… we thought as we had agreed to meet up with John and Pam again and go to Little Haven to The Castle for Sunday Lunch. At 11:00am the skies started to brighten and the grey gave way to blue skies. The sun came out and by 12:30pm when we were due to meet them in St David’s the sun was high in the sky and the wind had dropped but the temperature was rising.

Cheers … first Boon Doggle of the season
Famous Seafood Planc from The Castle
Just a spot of lunch

A glorious afternoon was spent having lunch and then having fun walking on the beach at Little Haven, as you can see there was not too many other people there…..

Pam and I having fun on the beach at Little Haven

We meandered back through the narrow lanes through to Newgale and back to St David’s and wandered down to the cathedral. The building would grace any large city, but as you walk through the bell tower it is an amazing sight to see this beautiful building dominate the landscape. It is always a wonderful surprise, no matter how often you visit.


St David’s Cathedral

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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    Making me VERY homesick and hungry Q.B.! xxx

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