First Solo Bike Ride

My Route today

I did it..?!!! I’m on a high, having cycled for 11 miles, let me underline that 11 miles …. I feel on top of the world, admittedly I cannot stand or site at the moment so hovering about as my bum is numb but boy am I proud of myself.

This is all thanks to my friend Janet who has been training me for the past 2 weeks since I purchased the electric bike, and no I didn’t use the electrics most of the time, just to help with the big hills.

It was one of those May days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.

Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

I started this morning from Lleithyr Meadow and rode down through the back lanes to St Justinians. It was funny because today of all days was the start of the Tour of Pembrokeshire which is a bike ride entered by hundreds of professional cyclists, there are marshals and rolling roadblocks around the area. I had inadvertently timed my start exactly the same time as they were coming through St David’s. As I cycled down one of the lanes the marshalls pointed the way, I stopped and laughed with her that I wasn’t part of the Tour. This body was built for comfort not for speed... we laughed and I set on my way again.

St Justinians, Ramsey Island in background

I got to St Justinians, the views are wonderful, the light today was perfect for photographs, it was so clear, no haze. The wild flowers as spectacular and it is such a different feeling cycling rather than walking or in a car, which sounds obvious but I’d never thought of it this way. I’m loving it now. I know that I could cycle or walk this way everyday and everyday it will be different as nature heads for summer glory.

After a rest for water and some photographs, I got back on the bike and cycled to St David’s again, I was going to Porth Clais but was not confident enough along one of the roads where the buses drive, so made my way to St David’s. I looked at the hill into the ‘city’ and felt ill, but I knew another way which was less evil and gave me a chance to see the cathedral. I walked the bike inside the cathedral grounds and asked a couple if they would mind taking a photo of me on the bike with the cathedral in the background. After he had done it, he said next time I should ask a professional photographer, it turned out he was one, he had taken a great photo, how lucky was I?

Taken by professional photographer, how lucky was I ?
View of St David’s Cathedral from top…. I walked it though… and photo taken by me … lol

I decided it was time for a celebration, so I stopped in town (ok… city) at Giovanni’s ice cream parlour, the lad serving was very impressed with my solo trip and gave me extra helpings… D’oh that means another 100 miles to use up those extra calories, but those calories were the best tasting calories I’d ever had. I had 2 scoops of  Giovanni’s home made ice cream, Celtic Crunch and a Pink Grapefruit Sorbet… yummy….

Mega ice cream (2 scoops- pink grapefruit sorbet and Celtic Crunch)
Watching the world go by

After this break I cycled down to Caerfai Bay, the most beautiful I think on a wonderful day. The colours of the hedgerows are amazing with so many wild flowers, impossible to name all of them, but with bluebells and majestic foxgloves, together with the thrift, yellow flags and bell heather it is a feast for the senses. Although the wild garlic is past its best now there is stiĺl evidence of its abundance along the side of the lanes. Holiday makers were picnicking on the cliff top and families trooping along the coastal path to get to Porth Clais via St Non’s Chapel.

View across Caerfai Bay

Silly Selfie.? Still smiling through the pain…
Moody black and white
Loved the suit and and the minions back pack.

I left Caerfai and cycled back up the long stretch to Oriel y Parc, this was where I used the electrics the most, phew that was a killer hill, quite narrow and the cars didn’t seem to care about cyclists. I got to the new roundabout and decided to go straight on the back road thereby bypassing St David’s and popping out on the road above Whitesands. I cycled along the B road and turned off just before Hendre Eynon where Janet and I cycled all this week and came in the back way thus avoiding the steep narrow road to the camp site.

Mike calculated from the GPS which I had running in the back pack that I had cycled 11 miles in total. A well earned rest this afternoon and a cushion for my bottom.

Back to the campsite

I would like to thank Janet for all her support, because without it I wouldn’t have had the confidence or the ability to do this today. I know that for a lot of people it is not a long ride but for me it was EPIC….. Thank you, Janet. Xxx




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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    Enjoying reading all about your cycling up and down those lovely lanes! You are doing really well and I’m sure you aren’t walking like John Wayne as much by now!! Keep it up!!xx

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