Flying without Wings..

Hello everyone, we have had a very busy couple of weeks. Things are ramping up again now, as it is nearly time to pack up the house and go down to St David’s for the season and work.

When we went to Brighton, while Mike was working I took the opportunity to visit friends and family in Brighton. I had a girlie day out with my best friend, it was great fun and we ‘did lunch’ as all girlie days out do. Window shopped to our hearts content and laughed all day long.

They got married 2 years ago and I had worked over the winter on a Photodex (proshow) of their wedding. They loved it and we were all in happy tears watching it. It brought back many great memories of the day.

Mike finished his work and had a couple of days off before we came back home. So we had booked to go on the new BA i360 which was opened last year.

BA i360 on Brighton Seafront

view from the top of the Do’nut as it’s affectionately known


The day couldn’t have been better with clear blue skies and sunshine. We walked along the prom and the beach and it was glorious. I had never seen Brighton from above and it was fantastic trying to locate different areas that we knew. 360º views and slow enough not to set off my vertigo. The poor old West Pier looks terrible and very sad rusting away just off  the beach. I remember as a child going on it and we used to have to swim from the Palace Pier (as it was and will always be known) to the West Pier as part of our swimming club training.

138 metres on the world’s tallest moving observation tower

If you get a chance to go then I urge you to do so, very exciting and a wonderful experience.

View of Brighton seafront and coastline to Peacehaven from the top of the i360

There are wonderful views from inside the viewing platform at the top of the i360. The whole experience was wonderful although champagne at £10 a glass we felt was a little steep. Be aware also, No Selfie Sticks are allowed, but they hold them in security until you come back down.

The surprise on the Metropolitan Hotel roof


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