Getting Fit

Carn Llidi on Sunday

I’ve decided that since I bought the E Bike I really should use it. So I went to Haverfordwest and purchased a new helmet and cycling gloves. My mentor is Janet who is my heroine as she cycled for charity through Cuba…. Wow…

We took it easy the first few nights as I had been put off before riding a bike. Last time Mike and I used bikes was at Newport, Near Cardiff and first time out we cycled 14 miles, I couldn’t sit down for a week. …

So gently does it, Janet said to harden the buttocks we would ride a little further each night after work. ha ha … Of we went and I had promised myself I would try not to use the Electrics and stick to pedal power. We managed to cycle around the block and by the time we got back to site had pedalled 2 miles (3.2 km).

This ride was repeated nightly after work for about 3 nights, by which time I was much more confident on the bike and still not using the power assisted side of things. We stepped it up a bit doing the circuit twice around the block then 3 times around the block totalling 6 miles (km).

Sunday was absolutely beautiful, Mike had gone for a walk around the headland and had taken some glorious photographs. The wild flowers are spectacular at this time of year. Carpets of Bluebells, Bullslips  (a form of cowslip), foxgloves,  Thrift and many others, most of which we can’t identify.

I got my kit on and went cycling further than ever, Janet and I turned left out of the site instead of our usual right, and cycled along the sustains cycle path No 4, which took us along the country lanes, past the farm, past Carnhedryn, past a couple of fishing lakes and down to Caerfarchell. We realised that we had been gone quite some time, so made our way back again to site. On the way back we stopped to watch a man with a plough behind a tractor using it the old fashioned way. The distance we managed was 10.7 km, so I’m getting better.



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