Getting Ready for Christmas


Good morning, I apologise for not writing sooner, but the time has flown past since we’ve been home.

The house is nearly ready for the festive season, the tree is up and decorated, the rooms are festive including the boys bedroom with their own tree and lights (they like seeing it).

When we put up the tree, it is a day’s work and takes some planning in our house. Firstly, we need to go shopping for the Bailey’s (other brands are available !), then Mike has to locate all the Christmas songs, and they have to be playing at volume 7 at least. The decorations have to be retrieved from the ‘room of requirements’. This means that I lose Mike for about 2 hours…. while he digs and delves into the boxes.  In the meantime I empty my Christmas trunk. This year I’ve decided that we would once again have red as the main colour for the decorations….. So we are ready for Christmas Decorating Day, it’s only right and proper you know.

Michael Bublé – Christmas

The morning of the CDD arrives, all the elements are ready and waiting, Michael Bublé Christmas Album is compulsory (IMHO) and is blasting out such anthems such as It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and Santa Baby, unfortunately it was only 10:30am so the Bailey’s had to wait until the sun was past the yard arm. We checked the lights and imagine our surprise that they all worked. We managed to string 3 sets on the ‘pre-lit tree’ making it sparkle.  I adore the decorations I have bought over the past 20 years and many of them are sentimental and cherished.

Ahhhh… 12 noon, bring out the Bailey’s and we have our Christmas Strictly Dance around the lounge.. OMG – what are we like?

With the outside lights done, the inside window’s decorated with lights, the fireplace now has all 24 elfin stockings and the 2 x Nutcrackers standing proud on the hearth. I made the Christmas sacks last year for the Grand-children. We are almost ready for the big man himself.

We spent the day in the High Cross in Leicester and had fun deciding what to get the kids. We’ve ordered the Turkey and have arranged for it to be collected on Christmas Eve.  After trawling around the shops, we collapsed in a well known coffee establishment and had a large mug of Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows, hang the diet!

When we got home we decorated the cake and planned the gingerbread house (actually we’ve decided upon a sleigh…) Photo’s to be displayed when it’s complete. However here is last years’ creation.

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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    Sharon and Mike……I am worn out reading how organised and ready you are for the 25th!! You have made us feel very guilty, that’s for sure!!
    Seriously tho, enjoyed reading about the preparations in your house and could just picture you dancing around the lounge after your Baileys!! Could you arrange to visit us and get us organised too??……Don’t forget the Baileys when you do!!! LOL xx

  2. Hi Anne, you are so lovely commenting on the blog. I’m glad you are still reading and following. As for being organised, not really just haven’t done all the other crafty things this year. As we came back fro the road trip it left less time for me to get too creative. But we are enjoying our time off. Hope you are both well? Happy Christmas. x

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