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18th April 2018

Off to Pandy Caravan and Motorhome Club Site for our time off this week. We need to get the car into the garage for its first year health check…

After picking up a courtesy car we drove into Hereford having never been there before. Wonderful hot sunny days were predicted for the week, yay….

At the cathedral they hosting Weeping Window of Poppies.  A cascade of thousands of individual ceramic poppies falling down from a high window at Hereford Cathedral as part of the final year of 2014-2018 UK-wide tour of the iconic poppies which started at the Tower of London in 2014 by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper.

The cathedral’s most famous treasure is Mappa Mundi, a mediaeval map of the world dating from the 13th century. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to see it this time but intend to go back again.

Weeping Window of Poppies

Inside the cathedral was just as interesting as the exterior. We loved the stained glass window dedicated to the Special Air Services (SAS) and read with interest that they are stationed in Hereford.

SAS memorial stained glass window
Wonderful modern stained glass windows

The High Altar
Stanbury Chapel
Tomb of Richard Pembridge (with wooden leg…)
Stanbury Chapel
One of the quilts depicting WW1
The Old House

The Old House is a black and white half-timbered house built in 1621, that is now a museum. The sculpture depicts a Hereford Bull.

Park behind the cathedral
Just wandering around Hereford

Is that a wool shop I spy?
Statue of Elgar just chilling and watching the Cathedral

19th April

What a joy to wake up and wonder what to do today, and that’s precisely how we found ourselves the next morning, a whole day and all to ourselves.

So we went to Brockhampton Estate which is owned by the National Trust.

At the heart of the estate lies a little moated manor house from which the land was governed until the Barneby family moved to a new Georgian mansion on the hill above. The manor became a humble farmhouse for two hundred and fifty years, but has now been restored and is the most delightful place to visit.

A beautiful day, so I’ll let the photos do the talking…

Brockhampton, the best view

Through the gatehouse
Sir Barnaby in the Great Hall
Awww… love Teddy
See, I’m not the only one who likes knitted toys
The ruined church
Spring has sprung…

We ate our lunch surrounded by daffodils gently swaying in the breeze overlooking the moat.

That’s one big hill…!
Give us a lift!!
Aww bless…

A delightful couple of days spent in Herefordshire, well worth going … we’ll be back again soon.


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  1. A nne Hardy says:

    Great blog! Loved reading about the places we know… through your eyes. Lovely pictures too. Come back soon xx

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