I Can’t Believe It Can Get Better Than This!

We were in Torquay today, and whenever I am there I cannot help but think of Fawlty Towers and Basil talking to a guest, it is a classic…

‘May I ask what you expected to see out of a Torquay hotel bedroom window? Sydney Opera House perhaps? The Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically…’

Back to my ramblings, the other day my Linux camera decided to give up the ghost. Admittedly, it was about 6-7 years old, but it was an old friend and I used it almost everyday. It was a great loss, but I thought I would finish the holiday with the camera on my phone. However,

  1. The quality is not that great only 5 mega pixels
  2. It’s always locked when I need it
  3. It has decided to back up all my files leaving nothing left to be able to take photos

So we decided to see if we could get another camera, so we went to Torquay to try and find a replacement. We couldn’t find any photographic shop in town, but did manage to wander around the town centre then out along the harbour. But the heavens opened so we quickly made our way back to Vera.


Torquay Pier
It’s Getting Cold… brrrrr…
Kicking about in the Autumn leaves


We found a PC World/Currys on a retail park out of town, and decided on a great little Canon PowerShot SX720HS. Now we haven’t been able to use it much today as it had limited initial battery charge. But the photo’s we have taken are pretty good. Hopefully once I get to grips with it, I will be able to take some good shots.

We were booked in at Rockfish Restaurant in Brixham early tonight. Now after last night’s fish extravaganza, We thought we’d just have nice fresh fish and chips before leaving Brixham after all the restaurant premises is directly above the fish market. I cannot think of another restaurant which is closer to the source of fish. An hour or so later after the boats land their catch it is in the restaurants kitchen. Can’t be fresher than that.


Outside Rockfish Restaurant


The decor inside is wonderful, we had a table overlooking the veranda and the harbour, of course because it was cold there was no one outside so we had a clear view outside. It is the brainchild of Mitch Tonks who is passionate about the food. You can buy his Fish Cook Books, on sale at the restaurant. 

The friendly knowledgeable staff told us of the fish on offer today. The menu was so very tempting, oh blow it, we will have to go out with a bang and go on 5:2 diet when we get home.

Mike chose, as a starter crisp fried salt and pepper king prawns (Mike reckons that they were salt and pepper yummy scrummy prawns). I had Elberry Cove Mussels, which were steamed with white wine, garlic and bay leaves and were the best mussels I have ever eaten. I asked where Elberry Cove was, they took me to the window and pointed outside to about 500 metres across the water… Amazing . Apparently, The Queen and Jamie Oliver get their mussels from here… Well if it’s good enough for them it’s good enough for me.


Elberry Mussels


For mains we had cod and chips (Mike) and haddock and chips (me). According to the staff it came with unlimited chips!!!! One portion was more than enough. Both meals were so fresh and delicious, beautifully prepared and cooked.

As we were eating we watched the small boats landing their catch, it was great seeing the fish coming ashore. I cannot think of a better place to enjoy seafood.

Watching the small fishing boats come in..

We both agreed that the meal was by far the best of the holiday, including last night at the Poop Deck, we even think it ‘trumped’ (see what I did there!) The Shed in Porthgain (which was our favourite fish & chip bistro’s up to now).

The Golden Hind Illuminated




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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    You just keep getting better and better Q.B.!! I will miss reading about you both once you get home.You know you should keep the blog up when at L.M. but changing the names to protect the innocent….and the not-so- innocent! Have fun with your new camera; Mike now has competition! xx

    1. Thanks Anne, I’ve enjoyed the process, and hopefully it might take off, I was thinking of keeping it up and continuing next season at LM.

  2. Anne B says:

    So that is what you get up to when not working, pleased to see you are both enjoying a well earned rest. You are in a wonderful part of our country. Take care of yourselves, looking forward to seeing you at LM next year. As I am not on facebook this has been great to see you both and enjoyed the blog immensely keep it up.

    1. Thank you Anne, I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed it. I wanted to do this for many years, so thought this would be a good idea for a grand tour. Keep reading and see you next season. Love to you both x

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