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Decided that this season I would do some more knitting and crocheting and learn some new techniques whilst doing so. So I invested in a few balls of wool….

I think I over ordered…


Wool ready for Coastal Blanket

I made a bunny for my good friend Pam as she is rabbit mad… loves ’em to bits, and when I saw the pattern I just had to make it for her. The pattern is from Mary Jane’s Tearoom and is from her rabbits collection. All of the patterns are easily followed and easy to understand. They knit up lovely and I am so pleased that I found her website. It’s beautifully written with lots of photos of her little bears, dolls and mice. I am so envious of her talents. But I’m going to get better with practice.

Bluebell the Rabbit

After seeing Bluebell Rabbit, Sharron asked if I could make a doll for her grand-daughter, several discussions later and lots of humming and harring we decided that a Betsy doll (sister to Vera) would be ideal. So I set to, frantically clicking those needles nightly, must have driven Mike insane but about 10 days later a beautiful doll emerged. Sharron has found a shoe box and is going to paper the inside and buy some dolly coat hangers and give it to her grand-daughter for her birthday.

Gracie’s doll with toy rabbit
…extra clothes and slippers

Then as there are only so many blankets one person needs or wants, I asked some good friends on site to choose some colours and I would crochet them blankets or afghans… et voila…

Anne’s blanket
Other Anne’s blanket

So far I have made three,and I still haven’t made a dent in the wool mountain I purchased. I am really pleased at the way they all turned out.

Sharron’s Ripple Blanket

The two giant granny square blankets were so different because of the colour schemes, it’s hard to understand it’s the same pattern. The Ripple blanket is for Sharron our assistant this year. She saw a photo of it, and loved it. Although she chose a palette of heathery colours, I had to increase the range as I had not got enough of each of the yarns.

I’ve got another one to make for another good friend Claire and one for me…..

The wool I have been working with Stylecraft dk purchased online from Deramores. They have great offers on regularly and free delivery if you spend over £30

I have been reading Lucy’s blog at Attic 24, she has given me loads of inspiration, if you love knitting, crocheting and various crafts, it is a great source of information.

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  1. Pam says:

    I love Belle!! She is sat in the sunshine looking at the beautiful view with a gorgeous smile. Thank you. Xxxxxxxx

    1. sharon says:

      You’re welcome Pam, Belle was a pleasure to knit. X

  2. A new Hardy says:

    Just love my blanket Sharon! You are sooo talented. No one can pull the wool over your eyes!! Lol xx

    1. sharon says:

      I’m glad ewe liked it. Lol xxx

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