Last Day at Home

So it’s finally arrived, our last day before leaving for St David’s. The morning was spent cleaning the house from top to bottom and clearing out the fridge/freezer. The car is packed and Vera is bursting with bags and boxes. Even after 5 years this doesn’t get any easier.  It’s not like packing for a 2 weeks vacation. You have to think of 3 seasons worth of clothes, hard for me to pack for 2 weeks let alone 7 months arghhh……

Well, it’s finally done. We off to see the kids and Chris and Laura are making us dinner. So that’ll be lovely.

Just home after spending a great afternoon with the kids, they had made us a delicious curry, it was really tasty. We then played Labyrinth before saying goodnight to the boys. They had painted us a picture to take with us, so that set me off, so a bit emotional at present.  But I’ll be OK once we set off in the morning.

So goodbye home life, hello life on site once more.

Last tickling/giggling session

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