Lleithyr to Abereiddy


Another beautiful evening, and after work this evening Janet and I decided to keep up the pressure and cycle to Abereiddy.

Janet proving we got to Abereiddy

We left the site and started to cycle down through the lanes to Berea. I used the electrics once and then realised the battery was depleted. So I managed to cycle the rest of the way just on pedal power. We don’t know if the battery charger is working as the charging light hadn’t lit when plugged in today, so assuming now that it’s not working, Mike says he’ll see if he can find a new charger for the bike.

I have realised that cycling with the electric assistance is like having power assisted steering. Not having it makes heavy work of pedalling even up short inclines.

The evening was wonderful, the brilliant wide blue skies studded with fluffy white clouds high above us. Janet saw a the flash of a kingfisher whiz across the road at one point. I wished I’d seen it.

Wide blue skies

We reached Berea and travelled further onto the head of Abereiddy. There is a really steep hill over a mile downhill onto the beach, it was past 7pm and neither if us had eaten, so we decided to give the last leg a miss tonight. We saw the last bus trundle up the hill, and when the ice cream van followed chugging up the hill we knew this was the right decision.

A couple of selfies were taken and we made our way back to site. Total mileage tonight 10.78 miles, gosh I’ll be like a racing snake st this rate.

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