Mardy to Abergavenny

Woke up this morning to a grey dull sky. Was it that we are having to go back to work??? The frost was heavy and the air cold. I was snuggled up however in my duvalay whilst Mike went to the block.. when he came back he said there had been a huge hot air balloon going over the site , but that he hadn’t got a phone or camera with him, so no photos, I’m afraid.

We decided to have a trip into Abergavenny as it was market day and we hadn’t been before despite living not far from here a few years ago.

The town is not large but the parking was easy and cheap at £1 for 2 hours.  More than enough time to look  around.  There’s plenty of the pound type shops and B&M etc but also some nice independent shops too. The farmers market was undercover and sold a range of artisan pies,  jams, chutneys, bread, sweets and various other things.

We didn’t stop to buy, but was interested in the pies. A delicious looking selection that included roasted squash,  feta cheese, caramelised onion and cream, looked and sounded delicious,  so that’s on my to do list. I know one lady who’d like to share it with me…

The church area looked interesting but we again refrained from stopping to look inside as there was a funeral was going on. There are lots if eateries in the town and we said we would call back in again next time we visit Pandy.

Beautiful tulips in Church Grounds

We left Abergavenny and made our way back to site and went through a village called Mardy, now in Leicestershire if you’re ‘mardy’ you’re miserable or got a ‘cob on’. This made us laugh so we sent a photo of it to our daughter-in-law who will have a giggle.

Along from here was some more stunning yellow rape fields, well I couldn’t go passed without taking a photo of them,  could I? It would have been so rude….

Well our time in Pandy has come to an end for now. Time to go back to work tomorrow,  tonight however us the 1st official meeting of the Santa Fe Owners Club. We have 4 members, so quite exclusive at present. I think the Tanqueray No 10 gin may have a presence too in celebration.  See you soon, Anne and David….

Regalia for tonight’s 1st Official Meeting of the SFOC
Views of Pandy CAMC Site

The Dog Walk


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