Mascots and Teatime Bears


It’s been a funny old week. At the start we had a yellow weather warning which meant around 4″ of rain fell in about 24 hours, the site became waterlogged and of course it was our days off. We then discovered we had a mains water leak which exacerbated the problem more.

After sorting out as much as we could on site I settled down to start some knitting. I have not done any crafting this season and have been itching to get something started.

So on Wednesday I relaxed with an old movie and returned to my knitting. So far I’ve finished two legs and the body of Mary Jane’s Teatime bear, and have started on the head. The pattern can be found here. It is very well written with lots of pictures and instructions, just right for me.
Mary Jane Teatime Bear
It’s been a couple of weeks since I written the above as a draft, so I have now pretty much finished the Teatime Bear.  I have a couple of things to make still, one being another cardigan in another colour which is more complimentary for the bear.
Mary Jane Teatime Bear with Cardigan
I enjoyed knitting so much and after some more surfing on the net I found further patterns which I thought adorable too. I chose Posy as we wanted a mascot for our motorhome and here is the result. The wool used was Hayfield Bonus – Paintbox Yarns, wonderful bright colours all complimenting each other. The pattern used is from love knitting, I hope you enjoy these photos and that I can inspire you into the wonderful world of knitting just for pleasure. Apologies for the photos but we are still in the van and awning so no lovely craft room to photograph….
Meet Vera the Mascot Doll
Star Jumps
Now with her slippers on…
Hat detail

What can you do with loads of knitted toys? Well, apart from the doll here who we are naming Vera and is going to become the motorhome’s mascot, the rest I will give to a local children’s hospice or hospital. Hopefully they will love the bears and dolls and it will give me some extra pleasure knowing that some sick child will love them as much as I loved knitting them.
I hope you all have a great day. I shall continue knitting and come back to share with you all soon.


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