Mutterings at being home…

It feels as though we’ve been away in Vera since March. We were looking forward to coming home, so I was very surprised that I didn’t sleep too well last night. Perhaps our bed is too soft or the bedroom was quite warm. Don’t know but hopefully it’ll get better.

It’s lovely to be home, however, we knew we had to clear the van out as she is going back to Don Amott (Leisure Kingdom) in Derby where we purchased her in April to have a snagging list done. Because we work do far away they kindly agreed to do the work when we returned. Good lads they know it makes sense.

Of course when I say the van had to be emptied. I really mean emptied, and that means washing all the stuff that comes out and making room in the ‘Room of Requirements’ for stuff we don’t need at home but needs to go back into Vera.

Now the ‘Room of Requirements’ is a man cave filled with Stuff that Mike thinks will come in handy at some point in the next millennia… boxes (can’t throw away yet just in case we need to send the item back, item in question is probably 3 years old!), Paperwork (could be subject to scrutiny of course), Tools, Books, Camping equipment, garden equipment, bedding, the grandchildren toys they’ve grown out of… the list goes on… even Harry comes over and if he wants something he looks at his Grandad and says in a weary voice “is it in the Room of Requirements, Grandad?” ‘Cos he knows whatever he needs us gonna take time to find…

It has taken 5 hours to sort out Vera and get the house looking like it’s not been in a war zone. You know what I mean when you come home from a trip. Why do we take so much with us and not use it?

We managed to get through today without having too many calories, and have found the 5:2 diet book. So definitely going back on it this week. But can’t do it today as we have no fresh vegetables in the house until we go shopping.

Well that’s all for now, tomorrow is a trip up to Derby and back, leaving Vera to have a check up and cosmetic surgery, then we can settle down to living at home again.

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  1. Dawn says:

    Looks like you had an amazing time guys lovely pictures, make sure you look after Vera we will be staying in her next year lolxx???

    1. Yes, we’ve had a brilliant time. Vera is getting a make over and having the once over at the dealership at the moment. Just getting her ready for hotel duties next season. Thank you for following… xx

  2. Dawn says:

    The pictures are amazing looks like you had a great time.Look after Vera we will be staying in her next year lol xx??

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