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For our days off this week we had to go to Brighton for a hospital appointment, despite this reason, it was a super couple of days. We decided to take a trip to the National Trust property and gardens of Nymans in Sussex.

We had a wonderful time just meandering around the gardens. In Sussex everything is far more advanced in terms of growth and seasonal flowering than back in Pembrokeshire.  Here, the rhododendrons and azaleas are at their best whereas in Pembrokeshire they are just in bud….

Nymans is an English garden in Handcross. It was developed, starting in the late 19th century, by three generations of the Messel family, and was brought to renown by Leonard Messel. In 1953 Nymans became a National Trust property.

Hope you enjoy the photos

The house
Door of the day

Door of the day…. does it lead to a secret garden?

Summer house
‘Purple Sensation’ Allium
Romantic Ruins
Ruined chapel

The wisteria was in full bloom, it’s heady scent was heavy in the still air. I absolutely love it.

Looking up through the wisteria
Wisteria arch by the croquet lawn

Overlooking the valley


The Hankie Tree…. a favourite

I love The Handkerchief Tree; watching the ‘hankies shiver in the breeze. So lucky to have seen it.

Davidia involucrata, the dove-tree, handkerchief tree, pocket handkerchief tree, or ghost tree, is a medium-sized deciduous tree in the family Nyssaceae. It was previously included with tupelos in the dogwood family, Cornaceae – Wikipedia

Close up of ‘hankie’ leaves
One of the magical fountains

We had a wonderful day, the weather was amazing, the temperature reached 26 degrees, the warmest we’ve been since leaving Spain… ha ha…

Oh…. and just for your information, hospital appointment went well.




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  1. Anne says:

    Beautiful pictures! It looks a a lovely place to wander around esp. on such a warm sunny day. Great news that the appt. went well!! xx

  2. sharon says:

    Thanks Anne, Nymans was one of our favourite places when we lived in Sussex.

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