Off to the NEC

We are off to the NEC today. Got up really early this morning to make packed lunch. Ham wraps, tomato humous, rock cakes, all home made yesterday as i spent the morning baking.

Should take us about 49 mins to get there. We have a list of items to buy and a wish list to look at.

Check in later…

Well, that was a day and a half, but I did manage to save us about £80,000…. we could have bought a new motorhome, we were within a hairs breath of doing it but sanity prevailed and we love Vera so came to our senses in time. But it was a lovely one, I loved the way the beds came down from the roof.  Most of the motorhomes we’ve looked at are quite cramped unless you have to make up the bed. But this Chausson  630 was pretty unique and would have suited us a treat.

Maybe we will aspire to one of these in a few years time (or maybe not…). Who knows what time will bring.

We walked and walked around the exhibition looking at lots of items that we liked but didn’t need. We arrived at the NEC at 10:00am and finally left at 5:00pm. Our poor feet were crippling us.  Time to come home and sleep…. zzzz



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