Poldark’s Nampara – Kynance Cove

kynance-cove-04Today saw us return to (NT) Kynance Cove (a place we last visited in 2004) which doubles up as Poldark’s beloved home, Nampara. It is to the west of the Lizard and probably the most photographed and painted location in Cornwall.

We parked in the generous car park high above the cove. As we are members of the National Trust car parking is free for us, but as it is the end of the season it is free for everyone. Yippee!! We left the van and headed over the wild open heathland (known as The Downs). However, nothing can prepare you for the view beyond.

The cove appears below in all its glory. We climbed down the steps and through some artistically strewn rocks… camera at the ready… click..click.. oh no it won’t focus. It seems that the camera didn’t like the rocks which are called serpentine rocks as they are very black with reds, greens and brown’s and wouldn’t or couldn’t focus correctly.

Once down on the waters edge the turquoise sea tumbles onto the white sandy beach, we had fun taking selfies with this stunning backdrop.

We managed to find an earth geocache while we were there, and in doing so found out some interesting facts about the cove.

Apparently, the cove is formed by a phenomenon known as a tombolo, from what I can understand when the land splits and makes an island, if the tide comes into the void left behind in 2 directions it will deposit sand in both directions, one cancelling the effect of the other leaving a hump of sand in the middle. At least I think that’s what it means. You can see what I mean from the photo.


We were unfortunate in not being able to climb up onto the heathland above the dramatic rock known as The Steeple as the access was barred with fencing.  However, we ambled up the hill back to the car park then out to the other side of The Downs and enjoyed the entire cove with Asparagus and Gull Island in the background.

IMHO, Kynance Cove is the most stunning of all the coves we’ve seen and it actually gave me goosebumps being on the clifftop above the cove. If you are ever down in this part of Cornwall you simply must visit Kynance Cove.


Kynance Cove and Tombolo Close Up
Selfies On the  Beach







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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    You have sold it to me ! Will definitely seek out this place should we get down that way. Makes me wish I’d been watching Poldark now! Great pictures Mike!

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