Polperro, Lanhydrock and Barcelona…


Polperro Harbour

Today we wanted to go to Polperro, again the thought of going down tiny twisty lanes was a bit daunting but once we got on the road it wasn’t too bad at all. In fact the B road to Polperro was better than some of the A roads we have driven down.

We parked in the large car park at the top of the village. A jolly old sailor welcomed us to Polperro but did remind us to ‘buy a ticket my lovelies’… We had to purchase 2 x tickets for the motorhome as we were taking up 2 spaces, so it cost us £8, still it’s better to pay than get a parking fine. As the parking attendants are still out and about on a wet and cold Sunday in November.

Polperro is a lovely quaint old village which still retains its character. The residents don’t want it to change so there is a conscious effort to keep it this way.

The turquoise sea was coming into the harbour and we were lucky with the break in the weather, the sun shone and we managed to stroll around the village through the narrow streets with overhanging houses and then down to the harbour. Fishermen were working on their boats and collecting fish, throwing the wasted heads into the sea to be fought over by the myriads of Seagulls.

The heavens opened just as we got back to the van, what would we do for the rest of the day?


Outer Harbour
Inner Harbour



House on the Props


We also found a Dragon…
Gatehouse at Lanhydrock

We decided to go to Lanhydrock (NT) on the edge of Bodmin. Nothing will prepare you for the spectacle that will await you. The park is vast, and after walking through a herd of cows and sheep down to the mansion house and the formal garden, we wandered around the high gardens and the knot garden. We decided to take the tour around the house and were met by a ‘butler’ who was our guide for the next hour.


Lanhydrock Estate


Because the house is ‘closed’ to visitors for winter cleaning the only tour available was to view the paintings of the 1st generation of the Robarts. Although we are not great art historians, it did give us an insight to the start of the lineage.

Estate Land


Church and Gardens



Autumn Colours



Avenue of Trees


By the time we came out it was past 4pm and the gardens and house close. We also realised that as the sun had gone down it was now getting very cold.

Where does Barcelona come into the title? well it is a little village we passed through on the way to Lanhydrock.

Time to get back to site and get some supper going. Ready for the last in the series of Poldark too, what will I do until the next series???



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