Poop Deck…

Tonight we treated ourselves to a special meal at The Poop Deck in Brixham Harbour. Last time we eat here was in 2012 for Mike’s birthday, this time we returned for my birthday treat.

When we arrived there was a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner over the table and also a lovely hand-made birthday card from the proprietors. How very thoughtful.

For starters we had lightly battered squid rings with a deep musky chilli sauce. Delicious. Then for mains Mike had scallops, king prawns and lobster tails in a whisky cream sauce with fresh vegetables.

I had the Neptune Platter….. OMG … I am sorry but this is super-huge. A mountain of fishy gorgeous-ness. I cannot explain what this was like except it was a-ma-zing

Thank you my darling Mike for a wonderful and fun evening…


Neptune’s Feast


Lobster, Crab, Oyster, Prawns, Mussels, Clams, just a few of the ingredients on the Neptunes Platter…. where’s the chips??




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