So let the adventures begin…

So for the first time this adventure I am again writing the blog. I hope that things go well and that there are no mishaps, but whatever happens we will deal with it.

The planning has been intense, Mike has had lists of what to take, what to get, to buy, to collect, we’ve even had a list to list the lists…. arghhh… but the time has come and we left home this morning to make the long journey to Dalesacres CAMC Site (185 miles) 🤣 which is in Hythe and probably the nearest site to the Channel Tunnel.

After spending all day yesterday packing the van, we had the usual conversations “Have you put this or that in or has this been packed yet?” and as  we are sitting here, we are still wondering what we have left behind. We had forgotten to put the defectors on the headlamps, so we managed tho do this tonight.

The wardens here are very friendly and we spent an hour chatting to them and having a cuppa and a doughnut. The site is very busy considering how late in the season we are, but the children have started their half term holiday so that may have had some effect.

The weather is good, sunshine all the way South, although the temperature has dropped and is quite chilly. So we hunker down tonight and set the alarm for 6am tomorrow as we need to leave site by 8am.

So onwards and we’ll see what lies ahead for us and Vera.

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  1. Anne says:

    Hey! Your ol’ Pitch 115 friend here!
    You two will have a great time and a bit of time to do what you two want to, after so many months of looking after others! Enjoy it all ! Safe trip tomorrow over the water. Look forward to your keeping us up-to-date with your antics!
    Have the bestest time! xx

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