Spectacular Sunset.. Good Friends…


Arrived on site late yesterday afternoon. The grass pitches are rather ragged, we couldn’t see the herd of buffalo that could be roaming in amongst the tufts of grass, but guess they’re  there somewhere. Still never mind, the machinery including the new ride on will be here soon.

We opened the door to the caravan and there, on the floor was a mouse, OK it was a dead mouse eke!!…. but before the deceased rodent went to the Great Cheese in the sky, he did manage to have a good Christmas and winter, as the mess in the van attested to. I spent most of the day scrubbing and cleaning the van and it looks sparkly clean again ready for moving into. We’ve got a habitation service on it tomorrow so hopefully all will be well and we can move back in afterwards.

The sun was shining and a few daffodils were in bloom which was a beautiful welcome with Carn Llidi in the background.

Anyway back to last night,  we were meeting up with friends but we were leaving just as the sun was setting so rushed down to the beach and watched a fantastic sunset.  It was all over within 6 minutes and went to have a wonderful meal and catch up with John and Pam.

Great night,  great friends, and so much more to come…


Mike, John & Pam … cheers..


Sunset over Whitesands Beach


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