Sun, Sea and Salata…

Not much happened this morning, apart from it was freezing cold first thing. We checked out of the camp site about 10am and started heading towards Spain.

We stopped at an aire to have breakfast as we wanted to get going.

Breakfast at an aire.. just looking up again..

Nothing much to report on the journey, the landscape changed from Rocky to plateau, from plateau to lush green farmland, then gradually the land was overtaken with the vineyards, hundreds of small patches of land joined together like our patchwork fields, but looking at them with the knowledge that this land will produce some fantastic wine. We went through some notable areas for wine growers. Languedoc, Aude, Roussillion, Corbieres, to name a few. The landscape then became interspersed with fields and fields of olive trees and the smell of the hot dry arid land overtook our senses.

Vineyards, vineyards everywhere, and not a drop to drink!

We saw the sea for the first time at Perpignan and then looked in wonder at the Pyrenees looming up in front of us. We were to cross that???

However before the climb, the French decided that the toll had to be paid before entering Spain. Cost this time €20 Not too bad I suppose as the first toll of the day.

We arrive in Espana, I cannot understand any of the language so this is going to be fun. Yes I know that hola is hello, si is yes, non is no, pardon is sorry and dos cervecas por favor… oh well what more do we need?

Spain here we come…

We are staying in a resort called Rosas and find our camp site (Salata Camping) for 2 nights and pitch up between French and Belgium vans, there is some shade so that is good. The site looks nice, will let you know more tomorrow.

We decide to have a walk along the seafront, which is only a 5 minute walk from the van. The promenade is lovely and sea looks inviting so we take our shoes off and paddle and walk along the shore. The sun is going down fast and casts a beautiful glow over the town.

Mike taking his first paddle
Bay of Roses
Shadows in the sands
Beachside hotel
Staircase to heaven

After watching the sunset we make our way back to the van for some well earned supper of chicken in tarragon sauce and giant cous cous… The tarragon chicken meal was made and given to us by Ian and Linda (thank you both it was delicious). Washed down with dos cervezas.

I could be persuaded to have this in the garden…
We could be anywhere
Another palm tree shot
Moon is so big you feel you could reach out & touch it

Nite nite all really tired now and up to date with the blogging…. zzz 😪


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