Tasty Tintagel

“We’ll walk to Tintagel today, according to the map it’s not as far as Boscastle!!!” Said Mike this morning…

However, what Mike had failed to realise that there were humongously steep valleys to climb down and up (should have known by the name Valley of the Rocks). So although the map looked like 2mm in fact it was 1000 miles deep into the earths crust to the land of the Orks. Arghhhhh….

We did make it though eventually through stunning scenery, passed Bossiney Bay and Elephant Rock, then over the headlands down to Tintagel and Merlins Cave.

We needed to post some letters so what better place than the oldest post office in the UK. The key cutting will have to wait though until tomorrow as the shop wad closed.

A trip down memory lane took us to Granny Wobbly’s Fudge Emporium. Yummy….

Pasty taste testing from Tintagel’s “best pasty shop in Cornwall” we gave their Traditional Pasty an 8/10, Mike said he thought it should be more peppery. A cup of tea and pasty each managed to cost us a whacking £14. However, we had walked all morning so the calories didn’t count.

Caught the bus back to site and watched the sun setting over the bay.

Tonight we will watch the Great British Bake Off final, so a perfect end to another great day.

Valley of the Rocks or Are We There Yet?
Tintagel’s Old Post Office
Merlins Cave
Granny Wobbly’s Fudge Emporium
Taste Testing Tintagel’s Pasties



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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    Love your new blog Sharon and Mike; witty descriptions and great photos! will enjoy reading about your travels. xx

    1. Thank you Anne. Keep returning so at least I know someone is reading it ?

  2. Anne Hardy says:

    You keep writing….I’ll keep reading! love what you have written and photographed so far! Being a Poldark fan, I bet you are in “Heaven”!

    1. It’s different from St David’s coastline in many ways but similar in others, it’s difficult to explain. Hopefully the photos tell the story though.

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