The Day We Start Brexit….

On this momentous day when we start Brexit, here in our little area of Wales life goes on as normal.

We are settling into the routine of the site, the comings and goings, the rota is working well and we are all getting on fine. It can be a very difficult time at the start of each year when you are thrown together and have to live closely for one season only,  but we feel that we are lucky to have such a nice couple again this year.

Already we have had our first soiree. It was a super evening, 10 of us snuggled into our awning, we had a small buffet, lots of wine and beer, everyone seemed to have fun and the evening was a great success.

Last Friday was Comic Relief or Red Nose Day and we decided to wear the red noses all day, which seemed an easy thing to do when we planned it, however we hadn’t allowed for the cold wind. The red noses pinched and we ended up with runny noses so in the end we had to take them off for the sense of proprietary.  lol xxx

Over the past week the weather has been superb, with wide summer blue skies, the sun shone and a gentle breeze tickled our senses. It was great while it lasted. Mike walked up the Carn on our day off on Saturday and managed to take some wonderful photographs.  He said the air was crystal clear so the photo’s are stunning. The wild horses were still grazing amongst the ferns on St Davids Head. He saw 4 pairs of coughs and believes that they are the same ones as we saw last year.  We noticed that we have a red kite above the site but not yet seen any other so not sure if this is one of a pair. We normally see buzzards but this is a first for us here. We have spotted a few buzzards riding the thermals. The rooks and crows are still in the Scots pines on site driving us mad with their “caw-caws” from 5am each day. But after 2 weeks on site we hardly notice it now.

View of Whitesands from Carn Llidi

I had a new hair style and colour this week. I’m pretty pleased with the results and everyone has said that it looks good… phew…. it’s always scary getting your hair done eh???

It’s our first 2 days off since we arrived on site,  and if course we woke up this morning to find that the rain had set in. It started off as grey drizzle, but the rain quickly set in. However, we went with some friends from site to Little Haven and eat lunch in The Castle. It was so wet and cold we decided not to walk on the beach but to head straight for the warmth of the pub. After a while 2 more friends arrived and we toasted our good health and for a super season ahead with pints of Boon Doggle each. We ordered the new Seafood Planc which was wonderfully tasty, fish and chips and garlic mushrooms on toast with onion rings and chips for our vegetarian in the party.

Clockwise from this end of the table, Mike, Me, Anne, Tony, David and Anne

We went in David and Anne’s car which is a Hyundai Santa Fe and was really impressed with it, so much so that we are now going to the Hyundai showroom in Kilgetty tomorrow to check them out.

We had a great day off with special friends and the grotty weather didn’t matter a jot.

Anne proving it’s not just postman who wear shorts no matter what the weather…


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