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I started to write this on Valentine’s night but never got around to posting it, but after being brought to task yesterday by some lovely friends (Sarah and David) who we have met whilst working at St David’s I was reminded that I had been very lax in writing and keeping up with the blog this year, so thought I’d better get the old fingers tapping and the creative juices flowing and write again….

Snow on Brighton Caravan & Motorhome Club Site

……..Well not much longer now before we start again at St Davids. It’ been a great winter, Ok it has been very wet and cold but we’ve had a great time, what with the holiday to France and Spain, which now seems a life time ago. Even the tan has diminished which is a shame but I can look forward to warm sunny days that the Welsh summer will bring…. Well I can dream.

We are currently in Brighton, sitting cosily in Vera watching the winter Olympics on Valentine’s Night after having a lovely meal of steak, jacket potatoes, mushrooms and veg. No wine though as we are still trying to keep to the diet and no alcohol. We decided on 4th January to cut out (as much as possible) alcohol, and apart from a couple of drinks (one this Monday when we went to aftenoon tea and one when we went to a family event earlier in January) we’ve managed to stick to it.

The reason for the abstinence is that I really wanted to lose weight. After seeing the photos of myself on holiday I decided enough is enough. I have to lose 3 stone. At the moment I have managed to lose 1.5 stone, it started with Tom Kerridge”s new TV show where he has lost 12 stone and has brought out a cook book. I bought the book from Amazon (here) and to be quite honest I’ve not looked back. The recipes are so tasty, yes some of them can be a bit time consuming with overnigt marinating but the results are stupendous so tasty, I haven’t felt hungry at all. Lots of spices and herbs are used. My favourites so far are the southern fried chicken, Chicken Tikka and the one layer lasagne. But we have tried so many of the recipes and I can honestly say that they are all good.

I also have been walking and exercising. Mike bought me a Fitbit Charge 2 smart watch for Christmas. I was delighted as I’ve wanted one for ages. The fitbit has encouraged me to walk in excess of 10,000 steps a day. To move and walk at least 250 steps an hour. With the free app which comes with the watch I can log what I eat and drink, it syncs to my watch so knows how many steps I walk, how many minutes I exercise and how much sleep I get.

Alongside the fitbit and the 10,000 steps I have found some YouTube videos for ‘walk at home’ (Leslie Sansone) who is a celebrated fitness queen in USA. There are lots of videos for walking at home, I started with a 1 mile , then gradually built up to 3 miles with resistant band, and then onto hand/wrist weights. I am now using 2kg hand/wrist weights over 3 miles. I am managing to work out about 5 days a week.

The other thing I’ve found this winter has been a relatively new planner/diary called a Bullet Journal. There’s hundreds of articles out there explaining about it, but it was created by Ryder Carroll in New York. Basically it is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.

I have started using the bujo (as it’s called), each day to write my lists of things to do today, what I’ve got to do in the future week, what to remember, what I’ve done. I can organise myself so much better than just using a diary. Even Mike has got the bug. The note book I bought was from Rymans and it’s called a Lechtturm 1917. The pages are great quality and allows you to use felt tip pens without any bleeding through. I have made a title page for each month, organised my birthdays, things to do, hopes and dreams for the future together with an ordinary diary and things to note. So far (bearing in mind it is now May and I’m still doing it,  it actually works and I am more in the habit of remembering things cos I write them down).

Leuchtturm 1917
May’s title page
Empty days ready to fill


Earlier this month we went out to Lowdhams and I have to tell you that we are changing Vera, they gave us such a great deal on a new van that we couldn’t possibly let it go. So Vera Mk II will be coming to our screen in April this year. We have purchased a Chausson 630 Welcome with single drop down beds. We always said that if we changed Vera the new Van would need to be something very special and different and when you see it she is definitely different. All mods and cons… Well hopefully not too many cons.

We won’t be changing the name of the website as we are going to redesign the name VERA to mean Vehicle for Exciting Recreational Adventures…..

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