These are for the knees and joints….


Yippee, we’ve just bought some new E-bikes. We’ve been looking at them for a couple of years and more so since getting Big Bertha last year, she was a starting point but after she developed a fault it became arduous to ride her. She is so heavy, probably best part of 40kilos.

Because we aren’t getting younger and want to still have the freedom of cycling when on holiday in Vera or whatever Motorhome then we knew the day was finally here to plunge into the world of electric powered bikes…

We did our research and they ranged from £900 -£6000 (ouch). Finally settled on two British designed and built Volt bikes. They seem to get good reviews so we drove down to Swansea to the Bike Hub and tried them out. The guys down there are very helpful and knowledgeable. So we duly ordered a Pulse for Mike and a Kensington for me.

We took delivery of them about 4 days later and decided to give them a go along Swansea Bay and out to the Mumbles.

8 miles and sore botties later, nah not really. We agreed that we had done the right thing in buying them. They are going to be a godsend when we are in Spain in winter.  It should keep us fitter too.

The Shed

On the way back to Porth Gain and called in at The Shed where we sat outside eating the freshest Fish and Chips. What could possibly be a nicer way to end a wonderful indulgent day.

Port Gain harbour
The Sloop

We also went to Llys y Fran Reservoir and Country Park near Haverfordwest, the day was glorious but the terrain didn’t really suit me at the moment, it was more off road and the hills well….. up and down at 45% at least….. I was scared going down and couldn’t even start going up even with the power of the electric motor. So that trip was cut short until I’m more proficient.

Llys y Fran Reservoir and Country Park
Scary sky

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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    Another fun blog! Wheely good! So pleased you have got some wheels again and I’m sure you’ll both have loads of fun on them! Xx

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