Through Time & Tide

St Michael’s Mount (apologies for quality the sun was in the wrong place)

As we rounded the road into Marazion the iconic shape of St Michael’s Mount (NT)appeared, and easily found a large car park on the shore within walking distance of the causeway.

We followed the footsteps of the pilgrims across the causeway to the island where we were going to discover a castle full of myths and legends, fabulous sub-tropical gardens and a real working island community. However, it was Closed until next season. So all we managed to do was walk on the winding causeway to the Mount. Even the boats weren’t operating so visitors had to leave the island by 1:30pm otherwise the causeway would have been covered by the tide.

To be fair, we didn’t have to pay for parking the van as the council have relaxed the charges from today so we saved £8 parking fee. We were appeased.

By the time we retraced our footsteps back across the causeway it was time for lunch. We had been to the Godolphin Arms Hotel many years ago (it’s always dodgy to go back..) but we felt that it still looked lovely. The hotel is on the water’s edge of Mount’s Bay and it overlooks the beautiful St Michael’s Mount, it has to be one of the most magnificent beachside views in the country.

Last time we eat here we had wild mushroom and stilton soup, today, vegetable soup with cream was on the menu. At £5 for a large bowl with rustic focaccia we thought this was very reasonable and delicious. We had a table in the window and absorbed the views and watched the world go by, by that, I mean we watched visitors strolling out and back across the causeway, wondering if they had enough time before the water rolled back over the causeway.

As we left, the tide had turned, cutting off the island for another 12 hours. People live and work on the island and you wonder at their tenacity of coping with the tides each day. Their whole existence must depend on the causeway or boats being able to operate in and out of the tiny harbour.

We came back to the site, and while I make tomorrow’s supper, Mike has gone down to the beach at Gwithian with his camera and tripod to see if he can get more photos of the surfers and the sunset. I can also get down to writing the blog today without trying to do it at 10pm tonight….

We have decided to stay another day or so as we are enjoying it so much down here, before we move onto Merrose.

Tomorrow we are hoping to get to Kynance Cove (NT), fingers crossed that the weather stays kind to us. We cannot believe our luck at present. shhhhhhhh!!!

Causeway to the Mount
On the Island – Mount being Closed!


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  1. Anne Hardy says:

    Another gem from you, backed with atmospheric pictures. You are so lucky with the lovely weather. If you were here with us you would have been enveloped in mist most of the day! A pity the place was closed; did you not inform them that you were the Queen Bee? Your lunch spot must have made up a bit for it, coupled with not having to pay £8 parking charges. xx

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