Troglodytes & Troglodillioes

Today is dull and overcast, there is a precipitation of rain later…. so after a leisurely breakfast Linda and Ian took us to Saint-Cirq-Lapopie.  Voted one of the most beautiful villages in France, I cannot disagree it was so wonderfully quaint. We parked the car on the hillside parking area and walked down and through the narrow streets.

Saint-Cirq-Lapopie and valley below

Wonderful artisan shops were still open, despite the lack of tourists. It was about 12 noon when we decided to have lunch at a charming little blacksmiths shop. It still had the anvil and the old grinding wheel in place. We ate croc de monsieur and steaming hot mugs of hot chocolate. Then after speaking our bestest french with le patron we went to the viewing platform, looking down it looked like a model village. After a while of cooing and ahhhing we got silly and messed around with the selfie stick.

Going in Monsieur Le Croc?
Fun with selfie stick

Linda and I popped into some shops and left the boys to chat contentedly outside… well we convinced ourselves they did. We sampled some sauternes raisins dipped in chocolate… forget your chocolate poppets these are for grown ups only. Unfortunately so was the price… €9 For 50g. So with a handful of samples we hurriedly left the shop.

On the way to Saint-Cirq-Lapopie Linda and Ian explained that in this part of the country there was a fashion to build houses from the rock, these are call troglodyte houses. I was talking later and mistakenly called them troglodillioes… everyone laughed and that is what they are now known as.

Troglodyte house
Village tight against the cliff top

By now the rain had really started to come down and it was grey and misty, we did go to Cajarc but by this time it was quite miserable. We wandered the ancient streets for a while and then ducked into their favourite tea shop La Boheme  (If you’d like to visit just Google “La Boheme” I tried to put a link in but it wouldn’t let me. They have a Facebook page also).  A wonderful quirky place with proper sofas and chairs offering a huge range of different teas. None of the crockery matches but that is part of its charm. The owner is delightful and they offer a good vegetarian selection of home made meals.

La Boheme Salon de tè


Colourful Mums for sale on a dull day

Back home at Le Picarel we settle down with the wood burner and great company before we headed for bed for the last time this visit. 😢

Door of the day

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  1. Anne says:

    Sooo much fun being had by you guys! I see the selfie stick from Arkwrights has stowawayed in Vera!!
    Keep blogging QB!! xx

  2. sharon says:

    Yes, sorry Anne, you missed out on that one. Ha ha…

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