Two Soooups…

As it is our last Sunday on site at Bonterra Park we had arranged to go and have Sunday lunch with our pitch neighbours. They kindly booked a table for the four of us for 3pm today.

It was a lovely morning and everyone in our little cul-de-sac area were outside chatting and laughing this morning about every topic under the sun. We all do our own chores and being Sunday, I had some washing to do. Phil did his bit of washing in a bucket and we all laugh because the sound of the plunger sounds like a train swishing along the tracks. Everyone takes the joking in good stead.

It is Penny the dog’s birthday, well it was actually yesterday, but yesterday was Glynn’s birthday and he forgot it was Penny’s so we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ again this morning.  Glynn is happy because he said that he’ll always be a couple of weeks younger than me….

We start getting ready to go out to Sam’s for lunch. Sam’s is an Irish Bar and the Sunday lunches are legendary around these parts… Off we go..

Backstreets of Benicassim

We get outside a bit early, like 45 mins early, so we toddle off around the corner and have a drink in a bar (Drink No. 1). Giving ourselves enough time to get back to Sam’s.

We arrive at 3pm and have to wait for a little while before one of the tables become free and sit down, the waitress arrives and takes our drinks order (Drink No. 2, keep a count of these…).  The people who have just vacated the table was a party of about 10… so all the tables were pushed together. The waitress came up and asked the 2 people at the end of this table could they move to the window? They did…

They asked us if we could we move up a bit, so they could get another table for 6 people in. So we moved up. We gave our order, bearing in mind this is Sunday lunch so its either Roast Beef, Roast Chicken or Roast Ham. We ordered 4 x soups and 4 x Roast Beefs…. time 3.15pm.

By 3.45pm we were starving but the 4 x soups eventually arrived on the table, yummy, it was home-made potato soup and it was super.. get the pun… souper/super…

The Two Soooup Sketch

They clear the soup plates away and we wait and wait, all in good humour… more drinks (Drink No 4). The couple on the window table finally get their meal (2 x Roast Beef), but there wasn’t any Yorkshire pudding. ‘No Yorkshire Puddings!’ so they got extra roast tatties.

Our meals finally arrived at 4.30pm with no Yorkshire’s, but pre-warned is pre-armed, so we are ready and ask for extra roasties and extra gravy.

To make up for the delay we get more drinks on the house (Drink No 5). The food was great the company was terrific and we had a ball. Thanks Phil and Jane, without you this would have been a tale of disappointment, whereas it turned out to be a big giggle.

To be fair, they obviously had a problem today, and it isn’t the norm…. but the normal chef who had a day off today was outside having a drink and boy oh boy did he get some stick…. ha ha ha !!!

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  1. Anne says:

    Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday! Your trip certainly seems to be living up to expectation. Good scenery, good friends, good weather, good food and good drink!! xx

  2. Dave and Sarah says:

    We are really enjoying your posts. We think they should be featured in MMM or the Club magazine 🙂
    Keep ’em coming!
    Dave and Sarah

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