Van Loaded & Ready To Go…

So let the adventure begin…

We saw the kids and said our goodbyes which was mixed emotions. But did agree the babysitting duties once we return.

The plan originally was to go to the Scottish Highlands, island hopping around the Outer Hebrides, but plans needed to be changed at the last minute for reasons that will become clear later.

It was then decided that the South West beckoned. Now we have been to Cornwall many times even worked at Hillhead in Devon for a season (see our old blog hitch2pitch), so was slightly concerned that all we’d end up going back to places we visited before. A different view on things was therefore required.

We both enjoy Poldark and after surfing the net, I found a list of places where they filmed the series, many of which we’d never been to, so the adventure was devised.

First stop is Exebridge and we’ll meet up with our friends and colleagues, Kaye and Steve. With whom we worked for the past 2 seasons.

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