Vera’s on the Road Again

Pandy CAMC Site

We decided that it was about time we left site and got Vera back on the road.  So we have arrived at Pandy CAMC site near Abergavenny. This us a lovely little site and we have a nice pitch. The site is just of the main road into Hereford,  but there is not a lot of road noise. How effective,  one side of the site there is a railway line and a train passes the site,  but after a couple of times house don’t notice it.  A river runs parallel with the other side of the site.  It is lovely and peaceful and the grounds are kept very well.

We have noticed on the way that the trees, shrubs and hedges are further forward than us in St Davids which is quite noticeable for us. We only have green tinted sticks whereas they are fully out here. The rape fields hurt your eyes they are so vibrant. We woke up this morning to magnificent skies and sunshine, whilst back at St David’s it was raining and hailstones…. We’re in the smug zone….


We have decided to change the Landy, as we knew it would start costing us money in the near future. So meet our new car, we’ve yet to name her/him… not sure what so gonna ask the grand children what to call her/him.

No hailstones here…

I think we need to celebrate tonight so we are going to wet the new car’s head at the local pub.



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