Well that’s January done and dusted….

Can’t believe that January is over. The days go by so fast, and as the country is gripped in freezing weather (although not on the same scale as America), here in the nut-house we are hunkering down, not feeling the need to get out and venture too far, just relishing the freedom of not having to do anything, we’re effectively hibernating, not good for the waistline though but thoroughly enjoyable and decadent for a wee while.

The mornings seem to the best time of day with brilliant blue skies and some watery sunshine, but the wind chill is biting. It’s a case of, ooh it looks nice, shall we go for a walk? And by the time we get dressed in hats, gloves, scarves and boots, one toe outside and the skies have darkened with snow clouds, the wind bites into our cheeks, our eyes start streaming with the cold, we look at each other, laugh and say nah… maybe tomorrow. After all, we have 8 months of having to be outside and all the exercise necessary. At the moment we’ll be like the bears and hibernate.

The Sweet Pea CAL is coming on nicely, we are in week 5 and I’m now crocheting with the blanket big enough to be snug and cosy over my knees (goodness I sound old 🤔). I think there’s one more week of patterned rows, then a tidy up week, then the border week before the ‘ta dah‘ reveal.

Sweet Pea Blanket CAL progress

In between the Sweet Pea CAL, I’m also crocheting a Moorland Blanket, I started this because I have joined a local Knit ‘n Natter (or Stitch ‘n Bitch), who meet once a week in our village. It’s lovely to meet like-minded ladies (and gents although there aren’t any in our group), I have already shown a couple of ladies my blooming cushion, which are now springing up like a proverbial garden. Every week they are interested in the growing Moorland Blanket so I have a suspicion that there could be a few of those arising from the fingers before much longer.

Moorland Blanket

The Moorland Blanket is worked in waves, which describes the undulating hills. This pattern provides a really neat way to play with colour, it’s amazing how the colours seem to roll into each other with the ups and downs of the wave pattern. It is not my design but found on Lucy’s fabulous website Attic 24 and was one of her CALs long before I got into crocheting. The finished blanket should resemble the heather and moorland which I find so inspiring loving as I do the countryside.

Courtesy of Attic 24

We are shortly going to have to start looking at the room of requirements and getting stuff out ready for St David’s and the start of the season. This is always a mixed emotion time,  one half wanting to stay home and the other half, looking forward to being back in Pembrokeshire with our friends and beautiful scenery.

Well, keep warm and snuggly, see you next time.

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