Welsh Grand National – catch up


6th January 2018

We came down to see Caroline and Allen for a couple of days in Caldicot. Trying to catch up with the family before starting work again. As a surprise and because he’d got some tickets (and the Grand National had been postponed due to the bad weather), Allen had got 4 complimentary tickets for the VIP tent at the Welsh Grand National at Chepstow.

At the tote… apparently…

We had a ball, mind you it was absolutely freezing even inside the huge marquee but we tried to look professional as we went to place our bets of £1 each way for this race and that. 😂

Studying the form…

As the last of the big spenders we had decided that we would ‘blow’ a budget of £20 … once the kitty had gone, we would stop. Being the race goers that we are… We had heard of something called an accumulator and were convinced we could pick out the winners.

And another…

Boldly placing the £5 bet (bearing in mind this was a quarter of our entire gambling budget) we watched as the first horse failed miserably…. thus ending our plan for boosting our winnings and maintaining the excitement throughout the day.

We’re on a roll…

We were treated to a hot meal of Welsh Cawl and drinks whilst in the company of more serious and professional punters and horse racing fraternity.

Track side

It was a great day despite the freezing weather and I’m so pleased we were inside the marquee rather than by the course, we did at least have shelter from the bitterly cold winds.  The warmth at the end of the day was that we managed to be £2 up on the day coming away with £22… ha ha ha

Brother and sister

Thanks Caroline and Allen for a great day and a lovely weekend.

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