We’re going to a Pitch Party…

Quick post today, we’ve been invited to a pitch party by the long term residents of the site. We’re in here, methinks…  1pm and bring drink, nibbles, glasses and plates…  sounds familiar..

So we duly arrived and had a wonderful fun few hours on a spare pitch drinking and chatting to people of different nationalities, all making themselves understood in… (guess what language… yes), English. It makes me feel quite ashamed that we only speak our own language and expect everyone else to understand. There were Germans, Dutch, French, Spanish and Indonesian people, together us English and Irish.

However a lovely afternoon and I came away with a fabulous new recipe for brownies, really tasty, I’ve just got to translate it from French to English though.

Here are a couple of photos from the pitch party.


New found friends
We gonna have a pitch party

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