We’ve found the Sun….

Well, we left Le Mans this morning in the drizzle and misty murk and travelled down the A28 through Tours and southward to Poitiers. The further south the higher the skies and the less clouds, until finally we saw patches of blue which grew and grew until the whole sky was cloudless.

Camping Le Futuriste is where we are staying tonight and to find it we had to negotiate this massive and I mean massive theme park area… this place is gigantic, rivalling in size Euro-Disney, just for a days entry it will cost €45 per person… good job we are not going there… So with trepidation we motored on through pass an industrial park and onwards up a hill until we got to the top of the valley. Perched on the hill overlooking the theme park but well out of hearing is Camping Le Futuriste, it’s a bit like calling a house Seaview and having a postage stamp view of it….

Futuristic World in the distant

We checked in and the cost was €19 with the Acsi card including electrics. The pool is closed unfortunately but the weather is gorgeous, all the van windows are open and the smell of lavender still fills the air.

Swimming pool
Camping Le Futuriste

We decided to go for a walk and wandered into the little village, Saint-Georges-lès-Baillargeaux where we took photos and ended up in a tabac, and had our first le demi bierre, in fact that is the first alcohol I have had since the beginning of October… So Anne if you are reading this I have seen off Sober October 😎

Saint-Georges-lès-Baillargeaux Church
Cat on a hot tile roof
Walking into the Village
We found pomegranates growing
A quick peek to see a real chateau
Colourful roof tiles

Back in the van, we are having the baguette from this morning, some cheese, olives and whatever else I can find fresh in the fridge as tomorrow we are finally getting to our friends Linda and Ian who also happen to be the first wardens we ever worked for. They are living in France now and have asked if we would like to stay with them for a few days. So we are excited about seeing them and just spending some time standing still.

Door of the Day

Please excuse the quality of photos today, they were taken off my phone and not camera so some are a bit blurry.


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  1. Pete & Claire says:

    Glad you have found the sun. Lovely photos, as usual.

    1. sharon says:

      Thank you, glad you’re enjoying this xx

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