And then it was nearly Christmas….

Cycle path to Castellon

We’ve had some great weather over the past couple of weeks, the temperatures have slowly crept up in the 20°s , and the days have been sunny and bright. Campers are happy and the world seems to have reverted back to its laid back style.

The cycle path to Castellon has been a delight, we all say ‘Hola’ as we pass by each other, smiling at total strangers.

Shall we buy this villa today?

I don’t know how many times we have discussed this apartment/villa over the next, laughing at the fact that actually buying one and settling down out here will never happen. But it’s good to dream once in a while.

Coffee and Morning Tapas… except it’s all gone… again!!

We sit and have coffee and tapas each morning at the end of the cycle ride, watching the aeroplanes dispose of their cargo of parachutists, perhaps 15 of them tumble out of the plane and flutter down to the ground, miraculously landing on the big square target.

The afternoon’s are freckled with sunlight and the shadows dappled the ground.

Then soon it’s time to head back to site, after all we’ve had a strenuous morning….  I try and get some lengths in the pool  and Mike chats to neighbours, then it’s time to head to either Mercadona or Lidl’s and decide what’s for supper?

Oh these heady days, I’m going to miss them when we get back to the cold winter in the UK.

December is here again and we’re thinking about winter, friends, family, and cosying up for Christmas. Everyone on site is getting ready for the big day too, decorations and lights are being strung around the mulberry trees (There’s a song in there somewhere), and everywhere you look you’re reminded it nearly Christmas, which seems so bizarre when you look at the temperatures and it’s 29°c but boy oh boy, does it drop quickly once the sun has gone down which is usually around 5.30pm at the moment.

Santa gets a bit deflated each morning
A positive grotto of Christmas-ness
Deccies up and around the mulberry tree

I’m afraid our decoration extravaganza doesn’t meet the heady heights of our neighbour but at least we made the effort. We’ll try harder if we stay over the festive holidays next year.

You can just make out our twinkling extravaganza…

It’s market day in Benicassim on Thursdays, so we trotted along to see what we fancied. The fruit and veg is gorgeous, so fresh, it makes your heart sing.

Market day

Mike loves the pork scratchings, and has come away with a mountain of it. And I hear the odd crunch, crunch, crunch as he surreptitiously tries to eat them.

Market stalls

I’m trying to get some chillies, ridiculous as it sounds, but it’s hard to find fresh chillies out here, not sure why? Anyway, I bought some green pimentoes which are so tasty, especially BBQ’d, I asked for 2 meaning 2 individual ones… the man mumbled something, so I said ‘si’ in my best Spanish, and ended up with 2 kilos… ha ha ha …. I’m now traipsing through dozens of recipes to find out different ways to cook with them.

Who said this holidaying is easy….?

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